Medal Citations: U - Z

Eric Verdonk

Legacy Medal 205

Eric had a long international rowing career covering two Olympic Games, five World Championships and a Commonwealth Championships. His first representation was in the single scull at the 1987 World Championships in Copenhagen. The highlight for Eric was the bronze medal in the single scull at the Seoul Olympics in 1988 and the very close 4that the Barcelona Olympics in 1992. In between Eric attended three World championships gaining another bronze in 1990 at Lake Barrington, Tasmania with further success in 1994 at the Commonwealth Championships in Ontario, Canada where he achieved a gold in the double and a Bronze in the quadruple sculls. Eric also competed in the double at the 1994 World championships at Indianapolis.

Murray Watkinson

Legacy Medal 80

Murray was the other half of the brothers in the double scull. Murray had an outstanding career, firstly in the double sculls, and then the single sculls for several years. Murray won the national single sculls title for nine years and began his international journey in the double sculls at the 1962 Perth British Empire Games finishing second for the silver medal. He also competed in the Men’s coxless Fours at the 1962 British Empire Games in Perth.  He was then selected for the FISA European Championships in 1964 and then followed that with selection for the 1964 Olympic Games at Tokyo. Following this he was again in the single sculls for the 1965 Australian test series, the 1966 World Championships in Bled and the 1967 FISA European Championships in Vichy. Murray was then selected in the New Zealand eight for the World Championships at St Catherine’s before reverting to the single sculls at the 1971 FISA European championships in Copenhagen and then the 1972 Olympic Games at Munich. Murray died several years ago, and his medal will be received by his wife, Joy. 

Peter Watkinson

Legacy medal 79

Peter was one half of the Watkinson brothers who won the national double sculls title for four years. They were selected for the 1962 Empire Game at Perth finishing second for the silver medal. He also competed in the Men’s coxless Fours at the 1962 British Empire Games in Perth.

Alan Webster

Legacy Medal 66

Alan first came into the New Zealand eight crew in 1961 for the internal test series against Australia and followed this with selection in the 1962 Commonwealth Games eight at Perth in 2 seat winning the silver medal, again losing to Australia by one foot. From there Alan moved to the stroke seat for the eight-oar crew throughout the 1960’s earning selection for 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo, 1965 Australian test series, 1966 World Championships in Bled, and making the A final for the first time, 1967 FISA North American championships, the 1967 US National championships, the 1967 Australian test series and the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City.