Leaving a bequest is a great way to make a positive and long lasting contribution to the sport of rowing in New Zealand.

You may want to leave a gift or bequest to the New Zealand Rowing Foundation endowment fund in your will. By making a bequest you will help us focus on building a financial legacy to support, foster and encourage the journey of our kiwi rowers well beyond your lifetime.

Income generated by the Fund will be made available to the Foundation to fund the campaigns of our developing rowers at both the Junior and Under 23 level who are striving to be our Olympic Champions of the future. Each year the Foundation has contributed what it can to the Under 23 New Zealand Rowing campaign but we have aspirations, with your help, to remove this financial burden from our young athletes.

When making or renewing your will, or establishing a family trust you could discuss your wish to make a gift to the New Zealand Rowing Foundation with your lawyer to talk about possible options.

If you would like to find out more about how your bequest can make a difference please contact one of the trustees.