Auckland Rowing Club 150th Anniversary Legacy Presentation

The Auckland Rowing Club recently held it's 150th Anniversary Celebrations with two Legacy Presentations included in the two day event. 

The New Zealand Rowing Foundation were delighted to award Legacy Medals to the following recipients at the Cocktail Party: Ian Corbett, Peter Jansen, Graeme Ashby, Chris McAsey, Murdoch Dryden, Melanie Burke, Kayla Pratt. 

Legacy Medals were also awarded the following evening at the formal dinner at Fishermans Wharf. These recipients were: Alexander Ross, Bob Smith, Alistair Dryden, Peter Masfen, Peter Taylor, Richard Beaumont and Nathan Twaddle.

Nathan Twaddle was thrilled to be honoured with a Legacy Medal, "It was such an honour to receive an acknowledgement of my time in the NZ Rowing team in front of a group of people I deeply respect and as part of a broader celebration of the sport and my club. All of those groups have been pivotal in any success and enjoyment I have had, the medal was a great chance to reflect on that and something I will treasure." 

For more details on the Legacy recipients and photos click here.